Friday, July 1, 2011

"Empowering the Masses" - Bhasha launches!

We are so glad to announce that today we launch our company Bhasha as Sri Lanka's First Language Services & Solutions Provider Company.

Bhasha is an IT+Localization company under the vision of "Empowering the Masses". Even though the language has become a huge barrier for masses to uplift their lives, we thoroughly believe that it should not be by any means. That's why we are working towards breaking that barrier & empower the masses with their own local languages.

We do this empowerment in two different models.

First is localizing the already available knowledge, products, services & etc to local languages. In order to do that we provide language services such as translation, transliteration, proofreading, website localization, software localization, subtitling, dubbing, voice-overing, transcription, interpretation & etc. These services are mainly offered to international clients to open the door of local mass markets for their business & social services. In this model we act as a Gateway to local masses.

Second model is developing genuine products in local languages. For that, we ourselves produce our own genuine local language products & also provide development services such as local language software development, web development & mobile development. Our products will mainly address the issues that masses face while they are using their own languages in the digital world & also will provide fully innovative new products to empower their lives in innovative solutions.

With these two models we initially provide our services & solutions in Sinhala & Tamil Sri Lankan languages. In future we will expand our products & services, first mainly to Indic languages & then to International languages as well.

Physically Bhasha is a Sri Lankan based company & it will operate as a virtual company until it get registered as a private limited company.

We hope your support to grow up fast & to spread the news about our initiative to the world.

Thank you!

Dhanika Perera

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