Friday, September 9, 2011

Bhasha releases first International Product - SETT Hindi Web Browser

This is to announce the launch of our first International Product, Bhasha SETT Hindi web browser. It is the Hindi version of our award winning product, SETT Browser with the added script & rendering support for Hindi language (Devanagari script).

If you were dreaming about using Hindi on your Android, now it's time to stop dreaming! Now SETT Hindi has made your dream a reality.

SETT Hindi is the Only Hindi Web Browser for Android which comes with built-in Hindi support. Even though Android doesn't support Hindi Unicode rendering in most devices, you still can conveniently read any Hindi web content using SETT Hindi with full Unicode rendering support. No need to root the device or install fonts manually at all. You only need a device with Android 2.2 or above.

SETT Hindi comes with an innovative & revolutionary rendering engine which renders Hindi Unicode within the app using Hindi Unicode web fonts. It does NOT use bitmap fonts unlike Opera Mini, so really cost effective & faster than any other browser for reading Hindi.

The free version Android Market comes with mobile ads, but you can buy our Ad-Free license after downloading the free version by going to Preferences --> Get Ad-Free license.

  • Renders Hindi Unicode within the app, so not extra cost (unlike OperaMini)
  • Fully localized Hindi Start page with a search box, Bookmarks & Recent History
  • Ability to search directly in the url bar (like in Chrome desktop browser)
  • Unlimited tabs with swap & button tab switching methods
  • Easy to use tabbed Bookmarks & History lists
  • Uses the same Bookmarks & History of your default web browser
  • Stylish UI in Android standard
  • Can be set as the default browser
  • Includes an Exit button, so no need to worry about closing the app
Coming soon...
  • Fully localized Hindi UI. Await for menus, lists, texts, captions, etc all in Hindi.

Now available on Android Market for FREE.

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