Monday, September 2, 2013

Halakuru 2.0 launched with Intelligent Sinhala Input revolutionizing the Digital Sinhala Typing

We are so glad to announce you that Today we launched Helakuru 2.0 - The Intelligent Sinhala Input, revolutionizing the digital Sinhala typing.

Helakuru is a Mobile Sinhala Keyboard Input for SmartPhones which we launched on December 2011 & which was the First ever mobile Sinhala phonetic keyboard to type in Sinhala on smart screens. We even won National Best e-Content Award e-Swabhimani 2012 for this innovation & it is used by Sinhalese mobile phone users all over the world to type in their mother-tongue.

Now with more advanced & innovative features Today we launched a major update for Helakuru versioning as Helakuru 2.0 as the ever made Intelligent Sinhala Input method.